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Introducing the Ultimate Open and Integrated Financial Data Terminal Solution: Unify your financial world with our cutting-edge, web-based terminal that seamlessly combines a powerful API, open data portfolio tracking, up-to-the-minute news and much more.

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Price and fundamental data for stocks with global coverage

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Stories and headlines from over 30,000 sources

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Price and fundamental data for commodities

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Economic data for over 100 countries

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Modern Developer Access

Introducing Our Streamlined REST API: Designed for simplicity and efficiency, our modern REST API offers clean data structures and an easy-to-use interface. Quickly access historical stock quotes, financials, or your portfolio data, and get started in just minutes.


Global News API with Clustering, Topic Analysis, and Entity Extraction

Discover a Comprehensive Real-Time News API: Effortlessly access multiple news sources in one convenient API, enhanced with advanced features like clustering, topic, and entity extraction. Analyze global topic coverage and compare news coverage of various companies with ease

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Real Money Accounts

Connect your real-money portfolios from thousands of institutions worldwide and enjoy seamless access to overviews and analytics through our web terminal. Easily download your data via Excel or REST API, and benefit from features like dividend schedules and aggregation across multiple accounts.

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Track Your Assets. Automate Your Research.

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Enterprising investors and large data needs.

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