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With the most comprehensive portfolio tracking tool, you can track unlimited brokerage accounts, paper portfolios, and more. Get news on your holdings, and compare your performance to the market.

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Connect unlimited brokerage accounts or manually add your holdings. Create paper portfolios to test your strategies. Join the paper trading competition to test your skill.

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Automatically track your portfolio performance and compare it to leading indices, sectors or asset classes. Receive updates on your best and worst performing investments. And setup alerts to be informed when holdings are performing well or poorly.

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Track and monitor your portfolio's cash-flows automatic transaction logging and visualization. See past payments and upcoming dividends and get informed about dividends cuts and yearly returns

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Effortlessly keep your portfolio up to date with automatic broker synchronization. seamlessly integrates with popular brokerage platforms, so you can import and manage your investment data with ease.

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Compare your portfolio's performance to the market, sectors or any other asset class. Get insights on your best and worst performing investments.


Get a Breakdown of your portfolio's holdings. See your allocation by sector, industry and country. Setup notifications to rebalance your portfolio or discover new investments in your favorite sectors.

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Effortlessly keep your portfolio up to date with automatic broker synchronization. Our advanced


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